Recharge and Get Paid: What it is & how it works.


You must have heard about Recharge and Get Paid RAGP before. It may be from a friend, social media or you came accross it when browsing the internet. Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) has been around since 2015 and I am sure most of you don't really know what it is or you simply havn't heard of it before.

Recharge and Get Paid: What it is and how it works.

In this post you will get to know what Recharge and Get Paid(RAGP) is and its Benefits.

What is Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP)?

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) LTD is a Nigeria based telecommunication company with headquarters in Abuja. The company is duly registered with the Corperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC number 1279919 and licenced by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out telecommunication related businesses.

The RAGP platform enables every registered member to earn 2% of every recharge you make, 10% of every data bundle purchace and you also earn from you TV subscriptions and bills payment through the platform.


Mission of Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP).

The Mission of RAGP is to enable Nigerians create wealth for themselves and earn financial freedom. With RAGP's unique compensation plan and superb product, they provide unparallel income, generating wealth creation and employment opportunities for people to improve their total well-being and quality of life.

Each time you buy airtime, data subscription and make TV subsription from your bank, they earn some amount of commission from you and millions of other customers that use their services. So, instead of enriching the banks, RAGP has come up with this great idea for you to earn from all you recharges, data subscriptions and TV subsciptions.

The platform also provides users with referral earnings. You earn from the transactions of your referrals down to the 10th generation. You can even earn 50-70k a week from your referrals. This form of income is known as Passive Income. So RAGP provides members with passive means of earning thousands every day.

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) Membership Packages.

To enjoy the benefits of RAGP, you need to register for any of its packages. RAGP has 6 membership packages. The packages are shown on the table bellow.

RAGP Registration Packages

NOTE:You can always upgrade to what ever level you wish.

Benefits of Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP).

Bellow are the numerous benefits of RAGP:

  • Signup Commission 20%: As soon as you register with any package. RAGP give 20% of your registration fee to support you in buying any service from them, be it topup or data purchase and TV subscription. For example, if you register for the BASIC package which cost N5,000, you earn 20% which is N1,000 and you also earn 20 point value.
  • Direct Referral Commission 20%: RAGP lets you get 20% of the registration money of every person you refer to the platform. For example, you get 20% of N50,000 which is N10,000 for every platinum member you sponsor personally.
  • Indirect Referrals Commission 10% - 1%: Indirect Referrals are people sponsored by your direct referrals or downlines.You get the commission from them down to the 9th level. Bellow are the percentage you earn from them.
    • 2nd level 10%
    • 3rd level 5%
    • 4th level 2.5%
    • 5th level 1.25%
    • 6th level 1%
    • 7th level 1%
    • 8th level 1%
    • 9th level 1%
    • 10th level 1%
  • Leadership Bonus: You earn leadership bonus if in any given month, you earn up to 10,000pv to 25,000pv through registered members. Note: PV stands for Point Value.
    • Platinum= 200pv
    • Diamond= 160pv
    • Gold= 120pv
    • Silver= 80pv
    • Bronze= 40pv
    • Basic= 20pv
    RAGP gives you the sum of N100,000 as leadership bonus. This is another great means you can earn from RAGP.
  • Incentives: RAGP offer awards and incentives to their hard working members to encourage them to work harder and be consistent. These incentives are awarded based on your Point Value (PV) accumulation. The incentives and their accumulated PVs are shown bellow.
    • International Trip Award (N500,000)=> Accumulate 25,000pv from all registration.
    • Small car award (N2,000,000)=> Accumulate 60,000pv from all registration.
    • First House Funds (N3,000,000) => Accumulate 100,000pv from all registration.
    • Second House Fund (N4,000,000)=> Accumulate 250,000pv from all registration.
    • Third House Fund (N6,000,000)=> Accumulate 500,000pv from all registration.

    Note: You must attain the level of Platinium before qualifying for any Incentives.

  • VTU Bonus on Airtime, Data and Cable Subscription: You also earn VTU bonus on Airtime and Data, profit on personal airtime recharge and sale(Airtime: 2%, Data :10%), Cable subscription N40. Profit on partners (Team), Airtime Recharge and sale (Airtime : 0.35%, Data : 1%), cable subsciption N10. VTU Bonuses
Here is the registration Process.
  • First, choose the package you prefer and make payment to the company's account.
    • Guaranty Trust Bank
      Account Name:Recharge and get Paid Ltd.
      Account Number: 0199798323.
    • Diamond Bank
      Account Name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd.
      Account Number: 0068623787.
      You will need the teller number or transaction Id(bank transfer) to complete your registration. After payment, enter here to start the registeration. Note: The first thing on the registration form is referral ID. Input onahipaul as your referral ID.
  • OR, If you need assistance, then call or whatsapp this number, 08134140374.

Official RAGP site=> You are welcome as you signup.

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